Pollstar Impact NextGen: Brita Christensen

– Brita Christensen

Brita Christensen

Sr. Artist & Promoter Relations Manager, Ticketmaster
Age: 26

Favorite Show Of 2019
John Mayer at Madison Square Garden

Working with the likes of Billie Eilish for her “When We All Fall Asleep” and “Where Do We Go” tours, Christensen was tasked with making sure a vast majority of those tickets made it directly into the hands of the artist’s verified fans.

“Seeing firsthand how our technology played such an instrumental role in an artist’s story has been one of my greatest accomplishments here to date.” Christensen says technology will only continue to impact the industry moving forward, as the business is “in the midst of a full-scale transition to a mobile-first ticketing environment.”

While Ticketmaster is very much an entertainment technology company, Christensen says she tries to approach her work from a fan perspective and to make sure the fan experience is always positive, even as the company continues to work on introducing new technology to solve “the largest issues that plague modern touring acts.”

She shouts out David Marcus, Jim Bilus, Rich Palmese, and Blythe Reyes as mentors at Ticketmaster, and Sloane Logue at WME as her first mentor, who taught her “your personal and professional networks don’t have to be mutually exclusive and that if you believe in something, it’s always worth pursuing.”