Folkert Koopmans Opens All Artists Agency In Berlin UPDATE

Folkert Koopmans
– Folkert Koopmans

Folkert Koopmans, CEO and founder of FKP Scorpio, is opening the All Artists Agency, comprising many former Four Artists Booking GmbH agents.

Markus Grosse, the long-term vice managing director of Four Artists Booking Agentur GmbH, will head up the new agency as managing director. 
Many agents working for All Artists Agency, Koopmans’ latest business venture, used to work for German booking agency Four Artists Booking GmbH, including Dierk Stritzke-Bodenstein, who had worked for the company for more than 17 years, most recently in the role of director festivals & events production.
It’s the same role he will be occupying at All Artists Agency, where he will head up a separate events department. The goal is to conceptualize and implement events for other agencies and partners, as well as private and local events throughout Germany.
All Artists Agency will offer both national and international artists an “all-inclusive support,” according to the announcement.
Grosse looks forward to his new role at All Artists Agency. “I have known and appreciated Folkert and his team for over 15 years. I can’t think of a better set-up for my colleagues, myself and our artists. I thank him for his trust and look forward to the collaboration and challenges,” he commented. 

Markus Grosse
Courtesy of FKP Scorpio
– Markus Grosse
Managing director of All Artists Agency
Folkert Koopmans, the mastermind behind the new agency, said: “After knowing some members of the current All Artists team for many years, in which we have always been working well and cooperatively, I am very happy to continue this cooperation on a new level now. 
“The fact that I won Markus Grosse as manager to control the agency’s fate feels good. We as agency want to be reliable partners to our artists, regardless of the phase their career may currently be in. 
“Artist establishment is our priority, and of course we are happy if we can build long-lasting and evolving relationships.”
Pollstar has sent an inquiry to All Artists about the initial roster that is going to be represented by the agency going forward, which has been met with silence. 
A look at the staff of All Artists Agency suggests that most artists will jump ship as well. 
Four Artists has been experiencing a fairly recent setback, when German competition watch dog Bundeskartellamt denied the 2017 merger between CTS Eventim and Four Artists.
Update: Four Artist’s legal council has meanwhile confirmed that the takeover of most of Four Artist’s bookers was a “hostile” one. While nobody at the company was happy about the developments, they didn’t want to comment further for legal reasons.
Last November, Alexander Richter, who led Four Artists as CEO for 22 years, stepped down. Florian Hauss was named as Richter’s successor.
Both Richter and Hauss declined to comment in response to a Pollstar request at the time. 
Another request sent to Four Artists Booking GmbH today about the future of the company did not yield a response so far.