Stacy Vee, VP Of Festival Talent Of Goldenvoice / VP of Artist Relations, Messina Touring Group

Stacy Vee

VP Of Festival Talent Of Goldenvoice / VP of Artist Relations, Messina Touring Group

Goldenvoice and Messina Touring Group promoter extraordinaire Stacy Vee has built a name as one of the industry’s most tenacious talent buyers, masterminding the influential, reliably sterling lineups for Coachella and Stagecoach.

She’s won Talent Buyer of the Year at the Pollstar Awards for three years running – and seems unlikely to cede the throne anytime soon– which might lead some who’ve never met her to imagine a frazzled, frantic executive. They’d be wrong.

“Exercise before work if you can,” she says. “It helps keep you Namaste throughout the day. You make better decisions for yourself and for those you look after if you are coming from a positive place.”

Vee cites that commitment to zen, along with “a good, old-fash-ioned, Midwestern work ethic,” as the keys to her successes, which at this point are myriad. Under her purview, Stagecoach particularly has soared, setting new attendance records and defining itself as singular in the country world, by booking country-adjacent artists including Diplo and Lil Nas X.

Though she notes that she has “a million role models,” Vee says she looks up to AGI’s Marsha Vlasic and iconic actress Shirley MacLaine.

She’s also motivated heavily by her co-workers.

“The thing that makes me most proud over the past year is watching my team turn into absolute ballers,” she says. “Their passion, devotion and love for what they do inspires me.”

While she’s already accomplished lots, Vee’s not stopping anytime soon.

“Continuing to rise to the occasion and reaching the goals I have set for myself” are among her biggest challenges, Vee says. “The only way I know how to do it is to educate myself, value the opinions of others and be open to changing and adapting to stay on the cutting edge. That is where I like to be!”

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