Getting To Know Your Pollstar Live! Panelists: Fabrice Sergent, Managing Partner At Bandsintown

Pollstar Live! is set for Feb. 7-9 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, marking the return to the conference’s traditional February calendar slot after the 2021 edition was pushed to June in light of the pandemic. The conference is the world’s largest gathering of live entertainment professionals and the flagship event for Pollstar magazine. You won’t want to miss the networking, insightful discussion and the Pollstar Awards honoring the best in the biz.

Pollstar Live! kicks off with Production Live!, the one-day companion conference that features panels on all topics related to staging live events including lighting, video, stage management, sound technique, concert production, video, regulations, security and more.
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Getting To Know Your Pollstar Live! Panelists

Fabrice Sergent, Managing Partner At Bandsintown
Panel: “Reality Check: Career Development for Artists New to Touring”
Date/Time: Tuesday | Feb. 8, 2022 | 2:15 p.m.
International Ballroom

Live performances virtually stopped in 2020 and much of 2021, but artist development did not. What many artists found when the world re-started was a situation where their following and demand were farther along than their touring history would normally be, creating situations where these artists might be capable of playing bigger rooms than they were actually experienced enough to pull off. For others, the whole touring dynamic is a new and exciting frontier, requiring skillful management and a more strategic plan than ever. As fans and artists both were reminded, streaming is a completely different animal than performing live in front of actual people. It’s also worth noting that there are a lot of fans out there who are also new to the live event experience, from club to festival level. Let’s discuss!

Fabrice Sergent
– Fabrice Sergent


Jamie Cheek | President, FBMM


Cindy Agi | Global Tour Promoter | Live Nation

Zac Bluestone | Music Agent | Wasserman Music

Shirin Nury | Music Agent | CAA

Josh Rittenhouse | Music Agent | APA

Fabrice Sergent | Managing Partner | Bandsintown

Fabrice Sergent is co-founder and managing partner of Bandsintown Group. The company’s live music discovery platform Bandsintown serves 66 million registered music fans and 550,000 artists, the Bandsintown Amplified proprietary ad solution reaches 250 million monthly unique fans and Bandsintown Promoter serves 15,000 music promoters with a self-serve email and push platform.

At the start of the pandemic, Bandsintown expanded its mission to produce 1,400 live streams on its own Bandsintown PLUS and LIVE channels and help artists market more than 85,000 live streams. In 2021, Bandsintown was named to Variety’s “1O Tech Innovators To Watch” and Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies.”

What tent poles are you most proud of in your career?

Fabrice Sergent: We are all live music activists. At Bandsintown, we believe that live music is 

one of the last tribal experiences and supports freedom of expression, diversity in culture, and tolerance in the world. We have been able to gather a community of 68 million registered fans and 550,000 artists who share the same ethos. 

 Why must everyone go to this panel?

Artists’ development is a complex challenge for all artists and their teams. While there are more opportunities than ever for creators to stand out, there is more music than ever being released. How do you create uniqueness and singularity? 

 What story will you tell during the panel?

With social algorithms throttling visibility and web cookies disappearing, owning fan data is truly the only way to future-proof an artist’s career.

 What’s the story you won’t tell?

There is no story that one cannot learn from. 

 What may cause tempers to flare?

COVID generated a lot of frustrations and artists suffered. Maybe we can offer some hope.

 What was the best part of your 2021?

Being able to offer artists and fans 1100 incredible shows during Covid and launching our Bandsintown PLUS live streaming platform. I’ll also never forget attending my first festival in 18 months, Life is Beautiful.

Can you give us a prediction for a highlight of 2022?

2022 will see an unprecedented number of artists on tour met by an unprecedented level of fan demand and Web3 will begin to change everything about how they interact with each other.