Good News: DEAG Strengthens Swiss Business

DEAG Good News
Here’s to a successful expansion (from left): Christian Gremelmayr, Stefan Matthey, and Santosh Aerthott. (Picture by Manuel Schütz)

DEAG’s operations in Switzerland include subsidiaries Live Music Production, Live Music Entertainment, and Good News Productions, founded in 1970.

Good News in particular, which specializes in rock and metal genres, is planning to “significantly expand its product range in the future,” according to a press release, and has added two well-known promoters in the Swiss market to its senior management: Christian Gremelmayr, and Santosh Aerthott.

“With immediate effect,” the press release announcing their appointment continues, “they will drive the expansion of Good News together with the current managing director Stefan Matthey.”

Christian Gremelmayr joins from legendary Zurich live club Abart, which he co-owns, and where he used to work as MD. Santosh Aerthott is the former managing director, and co-owner of the important Swiss punk rock agency Redda Music.

Aerthott and Gremelmayr also co-founded the concert agency Mainland Music alongside three other partners at the end of 2012, and established it as one of the leading Rock-Pop event companies in Switzerland, leading it as joint managing directors before now joining Good News.

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“Expansion,” in the case of Good News, means “to organize even more concerts with international music stars in Switzerland, and offer Swiss newcomers a broader stage. The goal is to continue to present visitors with first-class concert experiences, from small club concerts to large stadium tours.”

Good News recently entered into a long-term collaboration with the hard rock/metal festival “Rock the Lakes,” which is to be built upon over the next few years.

Marketing specialist Patrizia Demont (formerly Mainland), and artist booker Steven Mandel (formerly Z7 & Gadget), also joined Good News recently.

Detlef Kornett, co-CEO and executive board member of DEAG, commented, “Good News Productions, Live Music Production, and Live Music Entertainment have developed very well and are now an integral part of the live entertainment industry in Switzerland, selling 600,000 to 700,000 tickets a year. We see excellent opportunities in Switzerland and want to continue to grow profitably with Christian and Santosh and expand our range.”

Good News MD Stefan Matthey, added, “I am really looking forward to working with Christian Gremelmayr and Santosh Aerthott. They have extensive experience in the live entertainment industry and a strong network of artists and promoters. We have already worked together closely and trustingly on various events in recent years. Together we want to develop new event formats and offer visitors first-class entertainment at many events and concerts.”

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