Pollstar’s 2019 Impact: NextGen – Honoring The Future Leaders Of The Live Business

Welcome to Pollstar’s inaugural Impact: NextGen list, honoring the future leaders of the live business.

One of the most encouraging signs of this industry’s bright future was unintentionally baked into this wide-ranging list. For a list of 30 we had nearly 150 nominations – so at the outset we knew paring it down was going to be something of a Solomonic choice. There were a great many qualified candidates who inevitably ended up on the cutting room floor (there’s always next year!). What resulted, however, without even trying, was a list with an equal number of men and women (the final list actually has one more female). This organic, unplanned occurrence speaks volumes about what the future of this industry holds. 

Could we have done better? No question. There is not nearly enough ethnic diversity, which is as important as gender diversity and something that very much needs to change. Hopefully next year this will be top of mind during nominations. 

What there is, though, are 30 young leaders from our industry with vision, creativity, passion and smarts who work across all verticals in the live business – promoters, agents, sponsorship and managers to technology, marketing, philanthropy, production and more. We are honored to provide this platform for the NextGen of live leaders who we are sure will impact this industry far into the future. Congratulations to all!